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Sunday School allows for children to learn on their level, so that they can gain a better understanding of God's love for them.  Class is held each Sunday between early September and mid-May.  Children ages 5 - 11 depart from the morning worship service and head to classrooms to participate in biblically-based lessons and activities. 

Children receive First Communion when they reach the age of 9, and subsequently stay in church on the first Sunday of each month, when communion is served.


Small groups meet at varying times during the week to study God's word and to discuss how it applies to daily life.  One group meets on Sunday mornings before service, other groups meet for a period of time for a particular study, and there is sometimes the option of joining either a morning or evening group for the same study. 


No experience is needed, and all are invited.  



Sunday Bible Study

8:45 a.m. (via Zoom)

Tuesday Bible Study

1:00 p.m. (via Zoom)



Feb 22   Introduction

Feb 23   The Medical Evidence

Feb 24   Resurrection or Resuscitation

Feb 25   Interview with Alexander Metherell

Feb 26   The Torture Before the Cross

Feb 27   The Agony of the Cross

Feb 28   The Cause of Death

Mar 1     Answering the Skeptics

Mar 2     The Final Argument

Mar 3     A Question for the Heart

Mar 4     Deliberations

Mar 5     The Evidence of the Missing Body

Mar 6     Interview with William Lane Craig

Mar 7     Defending the Empty Tomb

Mar 8     Was Jesus Really Buried in the Tomb

Mar 9     Is Joseph of Arimathea Historical?

Mar 10   How Secure was the Tomb?

Mar 11   Were Any Guards Present?

Mar 12   What About the Contradictions?

Mar 13   Can Discrepancies be Harmonized?

Mar 14   Can the Witnesses be Trusted?

Mar 15   Why Did the Women Visit the Tomb?

Mar 16   Why Didn't Christians Cite the Empty Tomb?

Mar 17   What's the Affirmative Evidence?

Mar 18   What About Alternative Theories?

Mar 19   Conclusion: The Tomb Was Empty

Mar 20   Deliberations

Mar 21   The Evidence of Appearances

Mar 22   Interview with Gary Habermas 

Mar 23   Dead People Don't Do That

Mar 24   Convince Me It's a Creed

Mar 25   The Mystery of the Five Hundred 

Mar 26   The Testimony of the Gospels

Mar 27   Mark's Missing Conclusion

Mar 28   Are Their Any Alternatives

Mar 29   Possibility 1

Mar 30   Possibility 2

Mar 31   No Rational Doubt

Apr 1      The Resurrection of Debbie

Apr 2      Deliberations

Apr 3      Conclusion

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